Unlike other organizations, we are not having HR or administrative department, but we say it a Business Regulation Division. Here our intentions are to maintain calm atmosphere in-house as well as at those who are business associative.

We strongly believe that when our employees, clients and last but not the least, our suppliers should be very much satisfied with their carryout.

For this, we maintain peace and decorum at our workshop that results in workers better and efficient output. This is beneficial in the product results and hence our rejection ratio tends to nil. We can work more and get more production with the least failure.

We take very much care of our customers as they are the final fruit of the business. First of all we take care that our customer does not find any difficulty to associate with us.

  • We are very much punctual in delivery & quality of our product.
  • We believe in commitments. We won’t like to disappoint our client because of our limitations.
  • If in case client is having problem in operation with our products, we always try to visit the site personally and find out the route cause for the failure / malfunction to avoid any future problems.
  • We are very much eager to accept challenges for developments of special purpose SSRs. We always provide the optimum solution to such kind of demands.
  • In the worst case of failure of any of our product at site, we keep almost all type of SSRs in stock with us to replace it at the earliest to minimize the down time of our esteemed client.
  • One of our specialists is always in touch with the upgrading technology and hence we are up to date any time to give our customers the best products.

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