3ph SCR Power Controller

3PH SCR (Thyristor) Power Controller




Advantage :

  • The load power is Proportional to controller input
  • Output to body 4kV~ isolation
  • Input to Output 2500vrms isolation
  • Heat Sink + Din Rail Mounting (35mm)
  • Inbuilt Snubber network
  • Controlled range 10% to 90% of line voltage Linearity Better than ±2%of the range.

Application :

  • Glass Industries
  • Electroplating Machinery
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Furnace Industries
  • Biscuit Making Machine
  • Paper Industries
  • Polyester yarn processing Industries
  • Hot runner system of plastic Processing Machinery


  • Used for resistive load only.
  • Do not give DC voltage at 4-20mA input control of SSR otherwise input of SSR will fail.
  • Phase Line voltage should be in range of 230VAC ±10% or 440 vac ±10%.
  • SSR will not work if heater connected in star without neutral
  • Heat sink temperatures should not increase 70°C
  • For dv/dt and transient voltage uses dv/dt snubber and metal oxide variastor externally
  • Protection : use semiconductor fuse for short circuit protection.
  • Phase angle varies so that Rth will change So bigger size of Sink is required

Technical Data

Output circuit - Switching element BACK TO BACK SCR
Operational voltage range Vrms 24-480VAC
Peak inverse voltage Vpk 1200Vpk
Rated operational current IT 25A 50A 75A
Frequency range Hz 45-65Hz
Max. off-state leakage current mA <5 mArms
Minimum load current holding current IHO 175 mA 275 mA 275 mA
Rated peak withstand current (t =10 ms) ITSM 320A 800A 1200A
Max. Zero voltage turn on Vpk 15 15 15
Max. load integral i²dt (t = 10 ms) I²t 500A²S 3000A²S 7200A²S
Voltage drop in on-state VTM 1.3V 1.3V 1.3V
Critical current gradient di/dt ≥100 A/µs ≥100 A/µs ≥150 A/µs
Critical voltage gradient Dv/dt 350 V/µs 1500 V/µs 1500 V/µs
Thermal resistance Rth (Junction to case) DC ØJC 1.1 1.0 0.4
Power factor CosØ ≥0.5 (at 600VAC)
Maximum barrier-layer temperature 125°C
Input circuit-control circuit /rated control supply volt 9-32VDC
Make voltage / Break voltage 9VDC
Max. current consumption 22mA
Switching times max zero cross over make/break 1period/1period
Ambient temperature range operation -30 to +80°C
Test voltage between all isolated circuits (type test) 4kVA